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December Gift Registry

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Oh, blissful December.

That cock tingling excitement of festive mind fuckery and upcoming changes.

2021 has been a wild ride, I’m sure.

But as we finish this year off with an intoxicating sense of relief,

It most definitely is time to celebrate, the only way My weak Cinaholic can.

I can only imagine the mind consuming states of Cinful bliss you have fallen into throughout 2021.

Perhaps you’ve been lurking, gooning and watching My divine power enhance over the years,

Or maybe 2021 has brought perfect, addictive little Me into what used to be your dead end life,

But now, as it is prime time to spoil and splurge on your loved ones,

It's only by default you need to express your signs of adoration to the one, mind shattering Dominant beauty who has been living in your mind rent-free, from the very first moment I entered.

Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of Goddess getting what She desires!

Simply choose any one of the following items, whip your wide open wallet out, and show Me how thankful you are for My existence in your life this year.

If you wish to purchase a specific item off of this list,

Send the exact amount listed.

However, this list is just the tip of the iceberg for My lingerie and home décor desires – Any GC amount is deliciously welcome.

But you know greedy little Me – The harder you sacrifice, the wetter My panties get.

More gifting options and items will be updated on this post throughout December. Items that have been sent for and purchased will be updates & crossed off My list.

Message Me on twitter to ensure I haven’t missed your delicious sign of adoration this December.

Be good as a form of starting Our new, sinful year.

Splurge on Divine Princess Cin. Send My gifts HERE To, Or send via IWC +20% xx

Plush Faux Fur Throw Blanket, Bedspread - €221.95

ANOESES Premium lingerie Body - €124.85 - PURCHASED.

Original Price:€208.08

PivovarovaLingerie, Lingerie set Irma - €266.35

ANOESES Leather Lingerie - €224.73 - PURCHASED

€374.55,You save €149.82 (40%)

Red harness lingerie set - €133.16

€147.96 You save €14.80 (10%)

Just close your eyes,
Imagine My divine, lush body in all of those delicious lingerie pieces.
Mmm. That waist. That Ass. Those curves.
Which set sparks your desperation the hardest?
Thich strappy, sheer or leather delight will lure you into pure fuckery?
Such a hard, hard choice...

Your dick is tingling in your pants? There's no excuse not to be in good use now.

Be GOOD for Goddess Send My gifts HERE To xx
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